programmer's graphics library

A Selection of Shareware and Demos written with Fastgraph Home Run Derby: Hilarious baseball spoof by Dan Hilton Rings of the Magi -- award-winning puzzle game by David Bollinger for MVP The Infernal Tome by MVP BattleStar: scolling space arcade game
!! Arcade game: Jason Storm in Space Chase by Safari Demo advertisement for rendering models by Rudy Mathieu 3 Point Basketball -- great little sports arcade game by Dan Hilton RPG game: Aethra chronicles
afx-demo.exe Self-extracting demo for AnFX
afx-main.exe Awesome multi-media toolkit by Rudy Mathieu Board game: Battleship Breakout-style arcade game Brudal Baddle -- street fighter type game by John Schwartz Cargo Bay -- puzzle game by Steve Blackwood for MVP Arcade game: Cyber Wars by John Gibbs
deb3210.exe Asteroids-type arcade game for Windows by MVP Deuces Wild video poker for Windows 95 by Diana Gruber Cool VR demo from Dub Media -- check it out! (no source)
euchre13.exe MVP Euchre -- classic card game (Windows) Great paint program! Almost like defacing real buildings! Jacks or Better video poker for Windows 95 by Diana Gruber Strategy game: King Arthur's K.O.R.T. Gambling game: Las Vegas Bingo Club by Mitch Harhay Game: Mazeman Demo of a Doom type fade with source code by John Gonzalez Mooo-La! animated slot machine for Windows 95 by Diana Gruber
mvpcrb22.exe MVP Cribbage -- Award-Winning classic card/board game (Windows)
mvpspa15.exe MVP Spades -- classic card game (Windows)
mvpwrd21.exe MVP Word Search for Windows - nice! Notyet: great arcade game by GROG for MVP -- fun! Orpheus hypertext authoring system, 1 of 4 Orpheus hypertext authoring system, 2 of 4 Orpheus hypertext authoring system, 3 of 4 Orpheus hypertext authoring system, 4 of 4 Shooting game: Outlaw97 Arcade game: Pickle Wars by Karen Crowther Quickfire scrolling demo, compares mode X tile scrolling vs. mode 13h Puzzle game: Rotaktix by Lee Towe Lucky Sevens animated slot machine for Windows 95 by Diana Gruber Sprite Demo (no source code) by Jarrod Davis Sprite Maker by John Gonzalez Animation demo by Brook Monroe Arcade game: Xerix by Brandon Reville Xerix 2: sequel to Xerix Animated Christmas card Christmas coloring book


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