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Selected Links

IGDN Membership association for game developers.
Gamasutra The "Art and Science of Making Games" from the publishers of Game Developer magazine.
Code Universe Code and tips for C/C++, C++Builder, Delphi, Visual Basic, and more.
Game Makers Supersite New site emphasizing game programming, design, and marketing.
GameDev.Net Theory, design, art, music, physics, graphics, news, source code, sound, discussion forums, and more.
flipCode Daily game development news and resources.
GDSE Game development search engine.
Exaflop! The programmer's resource. Articles and links for serious coders.
Ultimate Software Updated frequently! Articles, interviews, DirectX stuff.
The NEXUS More game programming resources.
Strange Creations Another great game-oriented web site.
Fast Game Programming Information, books and software.
Game Programming Lots of articles and information for game programmers.
Game Programming Galaxy Lots of useful information.
Programmer's Heaven The ultimate on-line resource for programmers.
GFX Computer Graphics Programming Fascinating and valuable articles.
Graphics for Games Sprites, example code, and more.
The Coriolis Group Publishers of books and Visual Developer magazine; publishing partner for Fastgraph.
DiamondWare Publishers of the DiamondWare Sound Toolkit for DOS and Windows.
Game Companies
Cascoly An independent software developer, producing strategy and puzzle games, educational programs, clip art, image processing, and multiplayer online games and consulting services.
Locatha Industries Developers of Monsters & Mayhem, Toag, Joust F/X, Othello F/X, E@Chess, and many other Fastgraph games.
MVP Software Publishers of games, including a few of Diana's games.
Schwerpunkt Developers of World War II simulations, including Smolensk to Moscow, Storm in the West, Leningrad, Crimea, Kiev, Rostov, and Izyum.
Tetratel Creators of the EyeFX Virtual Reality System.
Toygardens Media Developers of Days of Oblivion II - Frozen Eternity.
Vermic An educational software company based in Mexico, producing Spanish-language titles.
Xdyne Developers of Honeycomb, Xdyne's Cube, Xdyne's Rollout, and Time Jumper.
Diana Gruber's 3D Casino Las Vegas Hey, Diana is not just a prolific web page designer, she writes games of her own, too! This one is doing pretty well...
Other Companies
Fischer Imaging A leader and innovator in designing, manufacturing, and marketing of quality medical imaging systems.
Lacerte Developers of popular federal and state tax preparation software.


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