Diana Gruber Reprints of Works by Diana Gruber

Attached Sprites from Dr. Dobbs Game Programming Sourcebook. Making sprites move together is easy. It's all in the data structures!

Automata Animation from PC Techniques. Visualizing sprite animation as a finite state machine.

Color Reduction for Windows Games from Visual Developer. Reducing palette-based images to less than 256 colors. You can download the source code for color reduction.

Game Size: The Forgotten Discipline from PC Techniques. Some tips to make your game smaller.

Computer Player Algorithms from PC Techniques. How to make your computer play solitaire

Automating Game Tile Creation from PC Techniques. A tile ripper makes generating tiles easy. You can download the source code for the tile ripper.

Action Arcade Adventure Set

This is Diana's book about how to write a side-scroller game, published by The Coriolis Group. It includes a discussion of scrolling techniques in Mode X, using a game editor to preprocess artwork, and tips for debugging, completing, and marketing games. Action Arcade Adventure Set won the Society for Technical Communication's Award of Achievement at the 1995 International Technical Publications Competition.

Action Arcade Adventure Set -- online version

Breathing Life Into Your Arcade Game Sprites from PC Techniques. Data structures for sprite animation and tiles replacement. Download the Sprite demo source code from Quickfire.

Alternative Marketing Methods: Self-Publishing via Shareware and Low-Cost Retail presented at the 1994 Computer Game Developers Conference.

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Diana's Bibliography

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