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Fastgraph 6.0 for Windows

Fastgraph for Windows
Windows graphics programming has traditionally involved using the Graphics Device Interface (GDI) functions from the Windows API. More recently, the .NET framework introduced GDI+, an enhanced version of GDI. The GDI and GDI+ functions support other devices besides the video display, but the price of this generality is speed. This translates to the sluggish performance often associated with Windows graphics applications.

Fastgraph for Windows solves this problem by providing a suite of more than 300 fast, hand-optimized assembly language graphics functions that operate on drawing surfaces called virtual buffers. These functions handle tasks such as 2D and 3D graphics, color and palette management, bitmap display, image files, image processing, and much more. Fastgraph is an ideal development tool for entertainment and educational software, scientific and engineering applications, CAD/CAM, animation, or any Win32 application that demands robust graphics.

Fastgraph works with but does not require the Direct3D and DirectDraw components of Microsoft's DirectX. Supports most C/C++ compilers, plus C++Builder, Delphi, Visual C# .NET, Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET, and PowerBASIC. Comes with 1,100 pages of manuals in Adobe PDF format.

If you are doing any kind of graphics programming, Fastgraph will simplify your life.

Fastgraph 6.0 for Windows...$299
Fastgraph for DOS and Windows bundle...$498

Fastgraph 6.0 for Windows CE

Fastgraph for Windows CE
Fastgraph for Windows CE brings the power and flexibility of Fastgraph to Windows CE platforms, including Pocket PC, Handheld PC, or any custom-built Windows CE platform. Fastgraph CE uses the virtually same API as Fastgraph, making it possible to write applications that support both Windows desktop and CE platforms from the same set of source code files.

The Fastgraph CE Pocket PC Edition supports any Pocket PC device based on the Intel ARM, XScale, or compatible processors (it also supports the Pocket PC emulators supplied with the supported compilers). This means you can use the Pocket PC Edition to create executables that will run on any Pocket PC 2003 device, any Pocket PC 2002 device, or any Intel ARM-based Pocket PC 2000 device. The Pocket PC Edition does not include the Fastgraph CE source code.

The Fastgraph CE Professional Edition supports all Windows CE devices and platforms. For each supported compiler, it includes pre-built libraries for each natively supported processor. The Professional Edition includes the complete Fastgraph CE source code, so you can create libraries for custom CE platforms, or tailor the Fastgraph code to your specific needs.

Both CE editions include the Fastgraph/Fonts and Fastgraph/Image add-on products.

Fastgraph 6.0 for Windows CE -- Pocket PC Edition...$495
Fastgraph 6.0 for Windows CE -- Professional Edition...$1,995

Fastgraph 5.0 for DOS

Fastgraph for DOS

This is the original Fastgraph, currently at version 5.0. Fastgraph for DOS supports 36 video modes, including text modes, standard VGA, "mode X" VGA, 16-color SVGA, 256-color SVGA, 64K high color SVGA, and 16.7M true color SVGA in resolutions up to 1280x1024. Fastgraph's extensive capabilities include 2D graphics primitives, image files (BMP, JPEG, PCX, flic), bitmap display and manipulation (including transparency, rotation, scaling, and shearing), video pages and virtual buffers, blitting, input device support, high-speed animation, special effects, texture mapping, and Gouraud shading.

Fastgraph for DOS provides robust, native chipset support with chipset autodetection, plus optional VESA support. It is an excellent tool for embedded systems development.

Fastgraph for DOS includes more than 300 functions and supports most popular C, C++, Pascal, Fortran, and Basic compilers and DOS extenders. Libraries are provided for real mode, 16-bit protected mode, and 32-bit protected mode. Comes with a comprehensive 890-page printed manual.

Fastgraph 5.0 for DOS...$299
Fastgraph for DOS and Windows bundle...$498


Fastgraph/Fonts includes 40 bitmapped fonts and the code to display them, as well as a font editor and conversion program so you can import TrueType fonts into your Fastgraph applications. Available for DOS and Windows. Requires Fastgraph.

Fastgraph/Fonts 6.0 for Windows...$69
Fastgraph/Fonts 5.0 for DOS...$69


Fastgraph/Image is a file resource manager that lets you store images and other files into a single resource file. Put all your graphics, fonts, data files, sound, and music in a resource file to make your distribution neater and save disk space. Available for DOS and Windows. Requires Fastgraph.

Fastgraph/Image 6.0 for Windows...$69
Fastgraph/Image 5.0 for DOS...$69

Fastgraph Power Pack The Fastgraph Power Pack is a bundle containing all three products: Fastgraph, Fastgraph/Fonts, and Fastgraph/Image -- at a reduced price.

Fastgraph Power Pack for Windows...$399
Fastgraph Power Pack for DOS...$399
Fastgraph Power Pack for DOS and Windows...$698


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