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Award-Winning Fastgraph Games
Carolina Road Software used Fastgraph 6.0 for Windows to write Living Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles. This game was finalist in the 2003 Isidor Awards. Beautiful! Check it out. DeathCompatible, written by Ronnie Nelis with Fastgraph 5.0 for DOS, won the 1998 PC Zone Benelux Developers Award. This award includes a cash prize of 25,000 Dutch guilders (approximately $13,000). Click here to visit Ronnie Nelis' DeathCompatible home page.
Four Fastgraph games developed by MVP Software have won major awards. Computer Gaming World magazine named MVP Word Search the best strategy, puzzle, and logic game for 1998. The Real Deal won the 1996 CGW award for best shareware card game, while MVP Bridge Deluxe won this award the previous year. MVP's Rings of the Magi received the 1996 Ziff-Davis Shareware Award for puzzle game of the year. ENGAGE Games Online used Fastgraph 5.0 for Windows to write the online version of Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. PC Games Magazine named it Game of the Year and Best Multiplayer Game for 1997. You can play Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness on America Online.
CyberDreams' I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, written by The Dreamers' Guild with Fastgraph 4.0, received Computer Gaming World's prestigious Premier Award for Best Adventure Game of the Year in 1996! CGW also named "No Mouth" to their 150 Best Games of All Time list.
Do you have an award-winning Fastgraph game? Don't keep it a secret! Tell Diana.

Other Games written with Fastgraph
South Park:
Chef's Luv Shack
The PC version of South Park: Chef's Luv Shack by Acclaim Entertainment follows on the heels of Acclaim's original South Park game, which has sold over one million units worldwide. South Park with high color graphics? Go figure. Read why Acclaim chose Fastgraph.
Days of
Oblivion II
Days of Oblivion II - Frozen Eternity by Toygardens Media of Hannover, Germany, is an extraordinary multimedia adventure featuring more than 50 real actors, digital bit players, 100 locations, underwater shootings, various cut scenes, and 21 orchestra and dance tracks.
Read about how Fastgraph 5.0 for Windows was used in creation of Deer Hunter! In an article originally published in the December 1998 issue of Game Developer Magazine, James Boer describes the three-month development cycle for this best-selling game. Click here to read an excerpt from his article.
SFSPC is a soaring simulator, written with Fastgraph 6.0 for Windows, by German aerodynamics engineers Detlev Schwetzler and Uwe Milde. Visit the SFS home page to download a free demo of this realistic flight simulator!
3D Casino
Las Vegas
Diana Gruber's 3D Casino Las Vegas is a Windows 95/98/NT gambling game with beautiful rendered graphics. Four shareware games are available. You can check out the game and download the shareware versions from the 3D Casino home page.
More New
There are too many to count! Our customers have been writing commercial and shareware games with Fastgraph for years. Some recent titles include:
Card Crazy 2, Vegas Fever: High Roller's Edition, and Slot City 2 Plus Video Poker developed by MVP Software and published by Encore Software.
Logication by Brain Block Interactive.
Rotaktix2 by Digital Playthings.
MarbleZone by Dejobaan Studios.
Smolensk to Moscow by Schwerpunkt.
Honeycomb, Xdyne's Cube, Xdyne's Rollout, and Time Jumper by Xdyne.
This is great! Over the years many game developers have written shareware games with Fastgraph. You can try them out for yourself! These marvelous games written by others are better than any demo we can show you. Click here for shareware and demo games you can download now. And remember, if you write a commercial or shareware with Fastgraph, be sure to let us know!


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