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Fastgraph is a graphics library that has been used in programs (especially games) since 1987. It is versatile and popular. Using Fastgraph to develop your software products offers the following benefits:

Fastgraph speeds up development.

Software development is a time-consuming and expensive process. If you are serious about bringing a product to market, then you need to think about your development time frame. With advancing technology and short shelf lives, speed in development is crucial to a software product's success. Using Fastgraph can shave months off your development cycle.

Fastgraph is fast.

Fastgraph compares favorably with any graphics programming strategy you can name. Whether you use DirectX, compiler graphics, or "roll-your-own" routines, you will have a hard time beating the speed of Fastgraph's functions.

Fastgraph is powerful.

Hundreds of functions in Fastgraph give you the ability to create great graphics effects, ranging from simple primitives to palette manipulations to complex 3D transformations. Whatever complex graphics functionality you need, Fastgraph can help.

Fastgraph is versatile.

Fastgraph has versions for DOS and Windows. The Windows version can be used with or without DirectDraw. The DOS version supports virtually all SVGA chipsets. Fastgraph can be used with most popular compilers and assemblers. Is there anything Fastgraph can't do? Let us know, and we'll try to add it!

Fastgraph is reliable.

Fastgraph has been under continuous development by a single programmer for the past 12 years. It has been painstakingly debugged and optimized. Fastgraph is written in clean, tight hand-optimized assembly language code. In the modern rush of technological advances, Fastgraph stands apart as an example of old-fashioned craftsmanship.

Fastgraph is upgradable.

Old-fashioned craftsmanship does not mean old-fashioned technology. Fastgraph is constantly being improved, enlarged and enhanced. While it is impossible to predict tomorrow's technology today, it is good to know Fastgraph has a track record of keeping up with changes in the industry, and we plan to continue this tradition in the future. And best of all, we always offer easy discount prices on upgrades!

Fastgraph is easy to use.

Fastgraph is well documented and comes with dozens of examples. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a budding genius, you will find Fastgraph a joy to work with.

Fastgraph is affordable.

What is your time worth? If you are a professional programmer, you know programming time is money. The tiny amount you will spend on Fastgraph will pay off almost immediately. What are you waiting for? With our no-risk 30-day return policy, you can't afford not to try Fastgraph.

Fastgraph works with DirectX.

Whether you love it or you hate it, DirectX is a reality in today's world. Fastgraph makes DirectX programming painless. Unlock the functionality of DirectX without being constrained by its occasionally overbearing API. Did you know Direct3D's software emulation is pretty darned slow? You can get around that with Fastgraph.

Use DirectX because you have to,
use Fastgraph because you have better things to do with your time.

If you want to know exactly what Fastgraph does, you can read the documentation online, or click on the links below or the menu items above for more information about Fastgraph.


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