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Fastgraph is a programmer's graphics library featuring a comprehensive suite of more than 300 functions for tasks such as 2D and 3D graphics, color and palette management, bitmap display and manipulation, image files, and much more. It is easy to use, small, quick, well-documented, and compatible with most compilers and other programming toolkits. Versions are available for Windows, Windows CE, and DOS. Fastgraph makes graphics programming easy!

You can try Fastgraph for yourself. Download the Fastgraph/Light evaluation version for Windows or DOS from our demos page.

Please see our product catalog for more information about the Fastgraph product family, or check out the product FAQs for Windows, Windows CE, or DOS.

At last...the power of Fastgraph is available for Windows Mobile and Windows CE platforms, including Pocket PC, Handheld PC, Smartphone, or any custom-built Windows Mobile or Windows CE platform. Fastgraph CE uses virtually the same API as Fastgraph, making it possible to write applications that support both Windows desktop and CE platforms from the same set of source code files. Fastgraph CE supports eMbedded Visual C++ (3.x and 4.x), Visual C# .NET (2003 or later), and Visual Basic .NET (2003 or later).

The Fastgraph CE Pocket PC Edition supports any Pocket PC device based on the Intel ARM, XScale, or compatible processors (it also supports the Pocket PC emulators supplied with the supported compilers). This means you can use the Pocket PC Edition to create executables that will run on any Pocket PC 2003 device, any Pocket PC 2002 device, or any Intel ARM-based Pocket PC 2000 device. The Pocket PC Edition does not include the Fastgraph CE source code.

The Fastgraph CE Professional Edition supports all Windows CE devices and platforms. For each supported compiler, it includes pre-built libraries for each natively supported processor. The Professional Edition includes the complete Fastgraph CE source code, so you can create libraries for custom CE platforms, or tailor the Fastgraph code to your specific needs.

Both editions include the Fastgraph/Fonts and Fastgraph/Image add-on products.

Fastgraph offers power and versatility not available in other graphics libraries. Whether you are drawing simple lines and vectors, doing bitmap animation, or rendering complex 3D scenes, Fastgraph can handle the job.

Our Windows and DOS code is expertly written in hand-optimized assembly language. It is thoroughly documented and virtually bug-free. Fastgraph is easy to use, thorough, powerful, and fast.

Our unparalleled customer support is another reason for our high level of customer satisfaction. For 15 years, Fastgraph has been the graphics library of choice. Try it and see! You will never find an easier or more efficient way to add graphics to your software development projects than with Fastgraph.



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